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Israel refuses to sign US document regulating export of killer drones – report

RT | Oct 24, 2016

Israel is reportedly refusing to sign a US document on the use and export guidelines of armed drones, fearing it would hurt its defense industries. The State Department paper aims to establish international standards in the production and selling of UAVs.

The one-page document, titled “Joint Declaration for the Export and Subsequent Use of Armed or Strike-Enable Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs),” covers a number of topics regarding the selling and usage of drone systems, according to Defense News.

Those topics include applying international law and human rights when using UAVs; following existing arms control laws in selling armed drone systems; considering the buyer country's history on “adherence to international obligations and commitments”; following “appropriate transparency measures”; and ensuring the sold unmanned system's capabilities are “transferred and used responsibly by all states.”

The document has been provided to countries which are considered to be US allies and has already been signed by over 40 nations, including Austria, Germany and Italy.

Israel, however, has so far refused to sign the document, with sources in the country's defense industry telling Haaretz that the sector is concerned it could limit the nation's export business.

Israel is potentially already facing a loss of business when it comes to drone exports, following the admission of India to the multilateral Missile Technology Control Regime by the US – a move which removes barriers to the sale of American UAVs to the country.

Following India's admission into the regime, Delhi has shown an interest in acquiring the US-made Predator drone rather than Israeli UAVs.

Another threat to Israel's share of the drone market includes a lawsuit by the American firm General Atomics, which is aiming to block the lease of the Israeli Heron TP drone to Germany.

However, a senior air force official told Haaretz that Israel still has one advantage when it comes to drones – the promise for the country's drone squadron to train buyers of Israeli UAVs, as Israel's air force is considered a world leader in the field.

In addition to its efforts to maintain its stronghold in the market, Israel is also seeking to have limitations placed on information regarding its deployment of drones. When German MPs demanded answers regarding Berlin's lease of Heron TP drones earlier this year, they were denied information and told the matter was considered confidential by Israel, and that any information was subject to limitations imposed by Tel Aviv.

WikiLeaks is Poison, Redux

Snordster | Oct 23, 2016

From 6 years ago, and even more valid today. This is the vid that got Snordelhans erased from Utube. It got deleted three times before that. They got Julian Assange to act as Wikileaks front-man. A sleazy character, who, like most other assets they procure for such operations, had a long history of criminal behavior and a strange history of being forgiven for it.

Scripted by Jonathan Azaziah in 2010.

Malnutrition Hits Record High in UK, World's 5th Richest Nation

teleSUR | Oct 23, 2016

A volunteer sorts through donations of food at the Hammersmith and Fulham food bank run by the Trussell Trust in London. | Photo: AFP
The public health system recorded more than 16,000 cases of malnutrition in 2015, which is four times higher than 10 years ago.

People the U.K. are increasingly going hungry as more than 16,000 people were hospitalized for malnutrition in 2015, according to public figures, with thousands of cases being treated by clinics and other facilities not included in the official tally.

Calling it “a national scandal,” Simon Capewell, professor of public health at Liverpool University and vice president of the Faculty of Public Health, told the British tabloid the Daily Mirror Saturday that one of the major drivers of the phenomena is the rising prices of food in the country.

“The fifth wealthiest country on the planet is now suffering from Victorian diseases such as malnutrition, rickets, scurvy. These figures are shocking and need to be a real wake-up call,” Capewell said.

He added that in less than a decade “food prices rose 12 percent in real terms, while wages fell by 7 percent.”

According to the Mirror, the number of malnutrition cases reported increased by four times in just 10 years. Nine hundred of the cases reported by the British National Health System were of patients in danger of starving to death.

But these cases are only a small fraction of the actual numbers of hungry people in the country, according to Capewell.

“Severe malnutrition is very serious and can be fatal. And what is really worrying is that for every person admitted to hospital, there will be five times that number getting care in outpatient clinics, and another 50 times that number getting care from their GP (general practitioner).”

Inequality in the U.K. and an economic system that favors the rich championed by successive right-wing governments is at the heart of the problem.

Last year alone, Trussell Trust, the country’s biggest food bank network, said it gave more than 1.1 million three-day food packages in 2015. Seven years ago, the charity gave less than 26,000 of the same packages to those in need.

“This new data on malnutrition, as well as the data we have uncovered on the numbers of ­children who are underweight and anemic, paints a grim picture of life at the bottom of the pile,” Labour lawmaker Frank Field, who chairs the all-party parliamentary group on hunger, said.

The newspaper further documented several cases in which individuals died as a result of starvation last year and how doctors in the U.K. resorted to prescribing energy drinks to those who couldn't afford to eat.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Afghan opium production up 43 percent in 1 year as eradication effort fails – UN

RT | Oct 23, 2016

© Parwiz / Reuters
Opium production in Afghanistan has increased by a whopping 43 percent over the last year, according to the latest figures from a UN report.

Over 4,800 tons of opium were produced this year, compared to 3,300 tons in 2015, a newly-released report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime revealed on Sunday. Meanwhile, the total area under poppy cultivation grew 10 percent to 201,000 hectares. Eradication efforts, on the other hand, fell by an incredible 91 percent.

It is very disturbing to see a considerable increase in poppy cultivation in the north which may be linked with a deteriorating security situation in the region,” AP quoted Andrey Avetisyan, head of the UNODC in Afghanistan, as saying in a statement.

The report mentions that launching eradication operations has been difficult due to logistical challenges and the presence of the Taliban, who protect opium crops to fund their insurgency.

But the growth in opium production is due not only to increased cultivation but also a greater yield of product per hectare. In the western and southern regions, which are responsible for 84 percent of the total output, yields grew from around 16 to 22 kilos per hectare, a 46 percent increase.

The survey shows a worrying reversal in efforts to combat the persistent problem of illicit drugs and their impact on development, health and security,” UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov said in a statement.

They indicate the scale of the threat confronted by Afghanistan and the international community. But it is worth acknowledging that Afghanistan is also arguably the first of the many victims of this destructive drug. Afghanistan suffers devastating levels of drug addiction; heightened instability and insecurity, and weakened development due to the impact of illicit drugs.”

Local law enforcement efforts are often conducted against the backdrop of a bitter and violent insurgency that stubbornly endures and hinders progress. For all these reasons, never has the concept of shared responsibility been so important, or more desperately needed for a drug producing country.


GMO: The Truth about the Science

Alliance for Natural Health | Oct 18, 2016

The truth can be very hard to get. So we’ve updated our own GMO Fact Check site. And we need to stop a new effort to use taxpayer money to spread industry propaganda. Action Alert!

Earlier this month, major biotech and agriculture groups sent a letter to key members of the House and Senate Appropriations Committee supporting the inclusion of $3 million in the fiscal year 2017 budget to “better inform the public about the application of biotechnology to food and agricultural production.” In plain English, these groups are asking for taxpayer dollars to fund propaganda efforts on behalf of the biotech industry.

This isn’t the first time this issue has come up. Back in May of this year, the same line item was being considered for inclusion in the FY 2017 budget. As the year draws to a close, the biotech industry and its front groups are ramping up efforts to get the government’s help in fixing the tarnished reputation of GMOs among the public. And we can be sure that $3 million is just the opening wedge. The total amount of taxpayer money being spent today to serve these special interests is already in the billions. And this new line item will continue to grow.

This move on Congress coincides with the recent appearance of a so-called “GMO Answers” website, which purports to provide answers to common misconceptions about GMOs. This decidedly unscientific “take” on the public’s concerns is a fabrication from something called the Council for Biotechnology Information (CBI), a front group for the biggest names in chemicals and biotech: Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow, DuPont, and Bayer.

We’ll leave it to the reader’s imagination to consider the kinds of “answers” their site provides.

For those interested in real answers to questions about GMOs, we’ve recently updated and revamped our GMO Fact Check site. We’ve included the most up-to-date information on the safety of GMOs, the facts about GMOs and pesticide use, the epidemic of cross-pollination of GMOs with conventional (and/or organic) crops, the myth that GMOs increase crop yields, and much more. Our information is science-based and fully cited. Since industry has systematically attempted to corrupt so many government agencies, universities, and researchers working in this field, simply having accurate, scientific data is an accomplishment.

It’s clear that our government, which is supposed to safeguard our health, is working hand in hand with industry to undermine it in exchange for campaign contributions and other support. Say no to spending an additional $3 million of taxpayers’ money for GMO propaganda!

Action Alert! Write to the House and Senate appropriations committees and urge them NOT to spend taxpayer dollars on biotech propaganda. Please send your message immediately.

“Politically Correct”: The War on Free Speech, Free Press, Free Internet and the Truth. What is the Endgame?

Global Research | Oct 22, 2016 | Joachim Hagopian

“A populace deprived of the ability to separate lies from truth, is no longer capable of sustaining a free society.” — Journalist Chris Hedges

As the ruling elite pushes its rigged election, forcibly cramming crime boss Hillary down our gullets against the people’s choice or will, so goes suppression of information rapidly shutting off the truth spigot, leaving Americans high and dry.

The latest over-the-top signs reflecting the globalists’ desperation are the UK’s RT bank closing its account and cutting off Julian Assange’s internet access in London. It’s bad enough that the WikiLeaks founder has effectively been imprisoned for over four years trapped in the Ecuadorian Embassy, but now he’s apparently been cut off from internet contact with the outside world and media in Ecuador is swimming with the sharks eagerly urging reconsideration of his asylum status.

These two significant and most definitely intertwined events coming hours apart out of London are just the beginning of the elite’s major assault on free speech and freedom of the press, in effect putting a final cap on the truth ever leaking out to a truth-starved world.

The globalists’ fixation on absolute power and control is currently manifesting as deep state’s invasive silencing of any and all voices of truth and dissidence, starting with these two biggies.

Completely cutting off the world’s free access to accurate information from legitimate sources still authentically reporting world news events and developments past and present is the rulers’ highest priority right now on the eve of the election. And with both WikiLeaks and RT in their crosshairs, the elite has fired its first major shot across the bow. All totalitarian regimes suppress dissent and truth becomes their biggest enemy.

The timing of the Julian disconnect right after WikiLeaks’ release of Hillary’s homage to Goldman Sachs three speeches (each earning her on average a cool $200,000 a shot) is more than coincidental.

In response to the falling oil prices and mounting debt, in 2014 Ecuador agreed to transfer more than half its gold reserves, over 14.5 tons of gold, for three years to none other than Goldman Sachs. So through US Empire arm twisting by way of either Wall Street or the Pentagon or both, the ruling elite saw to it that Empire successfully pressured the Ecuadorian government to suspend Assange’s access to the internet. As an oligarch puppet, Hillary grew filthier and richer selling off America to highest bidders both foreign and domestic, furthering the interests of the corporate elite that own and control the international crime cabal shamefully pretending to still be the US government. Meanwhile, the West’s demonization of the actual good guys who’ve most exposed the demonic evil being committed by the ruling elite’s US Empire – Assad and Putin – are the world’s best and really only true crime fighters against global terrorism. Likewise, Julian Assange has been on the US hit list for all his noble efforts also exposing the cabal’s evildoing.

Ecuador’s excuse for selling out Assange at Empire’s behest came in a released statement:
WikiLeaks published a wealth of documents impacting on the US election campaign. The government of Ecuador respects the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other states and does not interfere in external electoral processes.
So no doubt knuckling under to hardball Empire threats, the Quito government decided to cut off Julian’s connectivity with the outside world just when WikiLeaks was moving into home stretch releasing the most damaging evidence against criminal gangster Hillary. Sadly, Ecuador’s President Correa lacks the balls of a Hugo Chavez or Philippine’s President Rodrigo Duterte to tell the US on no uncertain terms to “go to hell” when we most need that kind of courage to democratically stand up for the people’s right to know rather than cowardly kowtow to imperialistic master’s belligerence. By the way, Duterte just officially announced his “separation” from the US while visiting China, the nation he’s now aligning with.

Before respecting Correa’s rationale of “upholding his principle” of non-interference in other nations’ internal affairs, lest we remind him of how the US crime cabal led by Secretary of State Clinton herself brutally toppled another democratically elected Latin American leader Honduran President Manuel Zelaya in 2009. So Correa’s hypocritical stance feebly taking some moral high ground quickly caves in under his feet when the cold hard reality of the bigger picture is taken into account.

Might makes right arrogance and American exceptionalism has US Empire constantly interfering in the internal affairs of other nations with complete impunity for well over a century, be they elections, coups or assassinations in dozens of smaller nations. We’re left only to guess what threats were delivered to Correa that coerced him to bow down to the world’s biggest bullying murderer. Days after Assange’s connection went dead, his outfit is still dumping more damning emails from Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta. So I expect that even without its leader at the helm, the WikiLeaks contingency plan still possesses the means to be able to press forward with the grand finale exposing the evil Clinton-Bush-Obama crime syndicate in the final weeks running up to the November 8th election.

At the exact same time Julian’s internet connection’s been unplugged, the UK bank that services the Kremlin’s state owned television news network RT has abruptly closed its account. Though the UK government was quick to respond claiming it had nothing to do with the decision, despite its recent order to RAF pilots in Syria to begin shooting down Russian planes killing their pilots, the British government insists that the National Westminster Bank acted alone. A-huh, just like when Ecuador decided to disconnect Julian it was acting alone. It’s so obvious what the elite is pulling here, for its cabal servants to pretend otherwise is an insult to anyone’s intelligence with half a brain function. As of last weekend without consultation, prior notice or any explanation, RT’s been handed official notice that its account has retroactively been closed by a majority owned British government bank.

Margarita Simonyan, RT’s editor-in-chief, delivered the news via her Twitter:

They closed our accounts in Britain. All of them. ‘Decision not to be discussed’. Long live freedom of speech!

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated the obvious:
It’s as clear as day that this decision was not made by the bank. And not any other bank – banks don’t make such decisions on their own. I believe an old saying is appropriate here: don’t treat others the way you don’t wish to be treated yourself.
The United States and its Western vassals in Europe are upset because so many of their own citizens are tuning in daily to watch the Russian news network RT that draws the largest worldwide viewing audience of 70 million per week and over half that per day. The bottom line is people are recognizing that CNN and NBC along with the New York Times and Washington Post are merely serving as Washington’s lapdog propaganda department. So as a result, people are turning to RT believing that they are receiving far more accurate and objective coverage of daily world news events. On YouTube the most watched news channel isn’t the big networks, it’s The Young Turks. Alex Jones daily broadcasts best the commercial news networks these days.

Even elitists like Hillary admits “we are losing the information war.” The more the establishment media attempts to ridicule and denigrate these alternative outlets (similar to what’s being done to Trump), the more popular they become for exposing the truth about US Empire crimes against humanity. This fact is really scaring the global rulers and hence they’ve become ruthlessly desperate to destroy freedom of the press particularly against the internet.

The ruling elite realizes a growing segment of the global population is onto their psychopathic endgame of theft debt enslavement, filthy debauchery, irreparable corruption,  global warfare and genocide and skyrocketing tyranny fast leading us towards one world government. Afraid that the masses are awakening worldwide due to such important information disseminators as WikiLeaks, RT and the internet media exposing the elite’s widespread criminal activities, we’re now reaching critical mass and have the evil ones on the run. Terrified that we’re mobilizing against them on a massive worldwide grassroots scale, the handful of psychopaths who for centuries have owned and controlled the world are in a state of sheer panic and desperation. Among the most demonic is former President George H.W. Bush (left) who once said to a journalist asking him what would happen if US citizens knew of his prime role in Iran Contra scandal and his other nefarious crimes:
“If the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.”
After the electronic voting machines already stole the nomination from Sanders, in 16 critical states they’re set to ensure that Hillary cheats again to win next month. But if enough of us learn and know the truth, an educated, empowered global masses challenging and opposing deep state authority worldwide is the globalists’ worst nightmare. Between stealing another rigged election while forcing a global war against Russia just as the dominos begin falling to break their central banking system (vis-à-vis Deutsche Bank), amidst all these disasters, foremost is their information war to control our minds. As author Charles Hughes-Smith writes, “The ruling elite has lost the consent of the governed.” They know they cannot pull off their catastrophic perfect storm without controlling our minds.

Since 9/11 America has degenerated from a beacon of light and freedom (albeit up until less than a century ago only for a privileged majority of white males) to today’s malevolent darkness. But only a few decades ago the US was world renowned as a long reigning supreme bastion of top quality higher education. Now our college grads possess the academic skills of high school students in the rest of the industrial world. Besides the drastic IQ drop, the dumbed down United States has severely regressed from the days when academic freedom on college campuses was a cherished tradition above all else, when freedom rang out in passionate protest against the evils of war, spawning the peace movement during the Vietnam War (despite police just weeks apart in 1970 murdering students at both Kent State and Jackson State Universities as the ultimate totalitarian crime of gross First Amendment censorship violation and democide murder).

Politically Correct
Today censorship takes the form of militant Politically Correct (PC) fanaticism that’s gripping university life as yet another disgrace of our lost First Amendment rights. Behind the façade of Political Correctness, America’s thought control police are insidiously working overtime. And they are no more out of control than on college campuses where outspoken professors with integrity are being one by one muzzled or fired should they not comply with the C law that’s usurped our Constitution as our nation’s once rule of law. Excellent scholars and educators in good standing are being lost and destroyed in a witch hunt that would make Joe McCarthy proud. Educators across America and Canada are currently being targeted and victimized, suspended or terminated from their lifelong teaching positions at a number of universities where PC extremism rules the day.

Three such higher profile cases are James Tracy fired from Florida Atlantic University, Joy Karega from Ohio’s Oberlin College and Tony Hall from Canada’s University of Lethbridge. Each has been punished not for anything even remotely related to job performance but strictly for exercising their right to free speech. Being terminated for speaking against lies and injustices perpetrated by two of the world’s most corrupt and evil regimes – Washington and Tel Aviv – is a shameful violation of not just our First Amendment but academic freedom as well.

Among the foremost tenets of higher learning espoused on every college campus and mission statement is the notion that the university is supposed to represent a safe harbinger of free thought and free speech, unrestricted, honest inquiry and active pursuit of truth, ethics and high moral principle. But like virtually every institution in America, the pristine, sacrosanct image and lofty words on paper belie the much darker, sinister reality of bottom line institutionalized hypocrisy in practice.

For his scholarly accounts exposing the US government’s rampant anomalies and lies using false flags to promote mass paranoia and an unconstitutional gun control agenda as demonstrated by multiple, so called mass shootings and terrorist attacks at such places as Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombing, Charleston and San Bernardino, James Tracy was systematically harassed, unjustly fired eventually for the lame excuse of failing to fill out paperwork, deprived him of his academic career as an outstanding media professor at FAU.

As a prolific writer-activist, James Tracy also provides an excellent website called that’s a treasure trove of incisive real news articles reflecting the world as it really is as opposed to the typical MSM bullshit propaganda. His “controversial” high profile was too much for university administration that succumbed to outside pressures directed by an exposed Sandy Hook crisis actor and the long arm of the shadowy, vindictive government. Earlier this year he filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination in efforts to get his job back.

Joy Karega and Tony Hall are the latest victims in this PC madness gone awry. Increasingly in America Political Correctness prohibits honest dialogue from being spoken on most any topic, for fear of having some “victim” somewhere on this planet’s feelings hurt and offended. It’s simply the deceptive pretext for shutting down our First Amendment rights. Joy criticized Israel for its alleged role in the inside 9/11 job. She also placed on Facebook her contention that ISIS is a creation by the CIA and Mossad, which happened to also be true. She implicated Israel in the Charlie Hebdo false flag and the fact that the staged shootings resulted right after France recognized the Palestinian State and moved to lift sanctions against Russia. All the high profile terrorist attacks are state sponsored, complete with intelligence agency handlers most often the CIA and Mossad.

The Rothschild fortune has owned and controlled central banks as well as governments for centuries. Recall the infamous quote by the godfather of Europe’s family banking cartel near the close of the 18th century, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”  So Joy nailed that one too. Karega posted her largely true beliefs on her personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, thus exercising her right to free speech and never shared her views in the classroom. Even if her position toward Israel wasn’t accurate, she has the right to express herself. Yet she was immediately labeled a raving anti-Semitic and the Oberlin Board of Trustees pressured the college president to cut her loose. Ultimately she was suspended.

Tony Hall came to her defense also pointing out the hypocrisies of defending the Jewish State’s brutal oppression and war crimes. After teaching more than a quarter century at his university, Tony Hall was framed by an internet shill who posted a “Kill all Jews” graphic on the professor’s Facebook page that was then seized upon by the Jewish lobbyist group B’nai Brith with charges of anti-Semitism. The Lethbridge president knuckled under to outside PC pressure and suspended him without pay. Joy and Tony have both been rightfully critical of Israel for its atrocious human rights record of inhumane and aggressive policies toward Palestinians as well as clandestine Mossad operations around the world with the CIA as on the ground architects and handlers of state sponsored global terrorism.

It’s now reached the Orwellian point of no return, where if you dare speak out against Israel, it automatically invites the branding charge of anti-Semitism. For bravely telling the truth against a nation’s genocidal policies that are only rewarded by an imperialistic US Empire with the biggest military aid package in US history announced last month – $38 billion over the next decade – that’ll be used to kill even more innocent Palestinians, these good intelligent gifted people’s careers for speaking the truth are being ruined as free speech is rapidly being trampled upon and silenced in North America. It’s an abomination and miscarriage of justice of the worst order.

New World Order totalitarianism is outlawing free speech, freedom of the press and free internet all in one. Fools still paying attention to mainstream media propaganda is a 21st century disappearing act. According to an April 2016 study from the Media Insight Project, a partnership of The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the American Press Institute, only 6% of Americans actually are confident in their trust of mainstream media these days, which is about the same trust level as US Congress. A mid-September Gallup poll found less than a third of Americans have even a fair amount or more of trust toward media, an all-time low since Gallup began tracking this trust issue in 1972. Interestingly, Gallup speculates that the way the fawning press this election year is so blatantly pro-Hillary and biased against Trump has drastically turned off many Americans from believing mainstream media has any credibility.

Clearly the elite is growing increasingly agitated when so many of us neither trust our government leaders nor the six oligarch owned, Hillary-backing mega media corporations 24/7 pumping out propaganda lies and disinformation masquerading as news. Nowadays nearly two out of three Americans are relying on information outflow coming from internet news sources and social media sites as an important or primary method for news and information. And for that reason alone, today it’s being targeted for censorship like never before. If the globalists have their way, legit alternative news on the internet will be shut down shortly. The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement undermines internet freedom.

While RT and WikiLeaks are just the first high profile victims in this stepped up war on the free press, on October 1st Obama quietly handed over the web’s domain name system to the United Nations International Telecommunications Union (ITU) led by the People’s Republic of China, a nation notorious for heavily censoring the web limiting its citizens to only what the Communist Party deems acceptable. This latest Obama move is but one more backdoor method leading to centralized UN censorship control over the internet.

Moreover, it’s become common knowledge that the internet has been invaded and saturated with tax funded paid government trolls to act as propagandists for the oppressive establishment. Their purpose is to confuse, misinform and manipulate and control public opinion, ultimately promoting conformity and obedience to deep state authority.

Thus, it was also no accident that the presidential destroyer of our nation and internet freedom Barack Obama gave a speech at an innovation conference in Pittsburgh last week reverberated that same theme of reigning in far stricter control over the internet:
“We are going to have to rebuild within this wild-wild-west-of-information flow some sort of curating function that people agree to.”
This is his doublespeak encoded language for really saying “get ready for fulltime censorship on the internet so Big Brother can preapprove and spoon feed everything you have access to, all for your own good of course.” Like his war criminal predecessor, he argued his concerns “against conspiracy theorists” and manmade global warming skeptics, despite the global warming hoax that it is. A Pew Research poll showed that two years ago only 40% of Americans believe that global warming is actually manmade. Yet Obama’s former regulatory czar Cass Sunstein is even calling for a government ban on conspiracy theorizing. CNN’s Chris Cuomo just tried to convince viewers that it’s illegal to even look at the WikiLeaks emails.

You can see where all this is headed, the government will continue making more extreme draconian laws calling for our arrest as enemies of the state if we dare utter an inconvenient truth about anything deep state prohibits us from believing or talking about.

The feds are out to control our minds, our very thoughts, our perceptions, beliefs and our every behavior along with all access to information and knowledge so that we have no more capacity for individual critical thinking or freedom of choice. The elite’s agenda wants us to simply be dumbed down, unthinking, “do-as-you’re-told” robots. And through decades of social engineering as well as poisoning of our environment (i.e. fluoride, toxins in food, Monsanto and geoengineering-saturated soil, air and water), sadly too many of us are already there. Take away our last opportunity for information and truth and eventually all of us will turn into zombies.

If we choose to oppose their oppressive totalitarian NWO agenda, those social programming camps that Hillary referred to for grownups already have built-in tribunal and mortuary sections equipped to assassinate those of us who cannot be reprogrammed at the closest FEMA prison camp nearest you. There exists a 2009 Department of Defense FM 3-39.40 manual that details the full layout and function of these concentration camps waiting to be filled once the SHTF. And based on today’s dizzying events, it’s about to all break loose. Ultimately those humans left alive when all is said and done will be the dumbed down, lobotomized version of 21st century human robots who along with their mechanized nonhuman counterparts will be slaves subserviently servicing the master class of psychopaths still left in charge.

Obama’s “Truthiness Tests:

All you have to do nowadays to learn the actual truth is take whatever Obama, Hillary and their minions say, and already knowing it’s all lies based on their irrefutable track records, you simply reverse whatever they say into the opposite, and just like that, you will then know the truth. Case in point, our Manchurian president Obama said:
There has to be, I think, some sort of way in which we can sort through information that passes some basic truthiness tests and those that we have to discard, because they just don’t have any basis in anything that’s actually happening in the world.

So what if Obama’s version of “the truth” consists only of lies? He believes we are incapable of discerning the truth for ourselves, so his Orwellian trained government will benevolently do that job for us.

In that same sermon on the propaganda mount, Obama repeated the boldface lie that what he’s calling for is not censorship. See what I mean, just reverse what he says and you’ve automatically arrived at the truth. Know for sure that what Big Brother “discards” will be the truth that you are prohibited from knowing and believing, leaving for your daily consumption just more of the same old, same old mind control mush read word-for-word from bimbos’ idiot cards on every channel at the same time… a real live version of “Ground Hog Day” played out the rest of our pathetically enslaved lives.

It all comes down to a mad race against time.

The global rulers are frantic to not just retain but fully tighten their already powerful grip of control over the masses.

The race that we citizens of the world are up against is not only trying to stay alive in the face of so much death and destruction the elite’s hurling at us but also to become empowered to play a major role in restructuring the reset button on a new system emerging from the ashes of the old, one that this time will be truly resource-based, equitable, fair-minded and etched in enduring principles of peace, cooperation, justice, compassion and honesty… that is if the homicidal maniacs don’t do us in first.

The prospect of nuclear annihilation is dangerously close, more real than ever before in our human history. Their tyrannical actions now being perpetrated on us means that we have limited time to counter their transgressions by open revolt. Just as our Founding Fathers were forced to fight for their freedom against their over-controlling oppressors, at this time and place in history, so must we citizens of the world fight for ours.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at: